IV. Student and Graduate Evaluation/Assessment

B. Outcomes
  1. Outcomes Assessment
    • The program must periodically assess its effectiveness in achieving its stated goals and learning domains.
    • The results of this evaluation must be reflected in the review and timely revision of the program.
    • Outcomes assessments include but are not limited to: exit point completion, graduate satisfaction, employer satisfaction, job placement, state licensing examinations and/or national registration
  2. Outcomes Reporting
    • The program must periodically submit its goal(s), learning domains, evaluation systems (including type, cut score, validity, and reliability), outcomes, its analysis of the outcomes and an appropriate action plan based on the analysis.
Program evaluation should utilize certification examinations developed by an independent national organization that employ cut scores based upon a valid psychometric formula which judges entry level competence and uses practice analysis consistent with the description of the profession. Examinations should be national in scope with uniform passing standards and statistical reports. Cognitive instruments should reflect the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing of the American Psychological Association. Psychomotor evaluations should be course ending, should be conducted by personnel not directly involved in student education, and should have a defined method of administration well known to students. Affective domain instruments should be approved by the program's communities of interest and should be tied to employer and graduate surveys.

Program evaluation should be a continuing and systematic process with internal and external curriculum validation in consultation with employers, faculty, preceptors, students and graduates. Other dimensions of the program may merit consideration such as the admission criteria and process, the curriculum design, and the purpose and productivity of an advisory committee.

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