2014 Research Summit RecapBy Rachael Rosen

February 28, 2014

Since the first Research Summit in 2005, Fisdap has invited EMS educators to join us in Minnesota for a weekend to learn about how to conduct research and then, actually, go and do it.

Hosting this conference in Minnesota in February each year means that weather is always a threat--and for the first time this year we asked ourselves if we’d have to cancel in anticipation of a monster snowstorm. (We got 10” in 24 hours!) We were sad that some participants had their flights canceled but were pleased that we still had a group of 40 participants--including five Australians!

The fast-paced format of the workshop means we run through an introduction to EMS research (look for an online version coming soon!) before splitting into smaller groups. In smaller groups, participants brainstorm research topics and begin to form research ideas into hypotheses. From there, we ask our Fisdap developers to write queries to pull data from the database that will hopefully answer the groups’ research questions. Next, statisticians analyze the data and help the groups understand if the results are statistically, or possibly clinically, significant.

What’s really special about the Research Summit (and, I think, what makes it so successful) is we get all the necessary resources in one room. We have brilliant facilitators (Baxter Larmon, David Page, Josh Salzman, and Jon Studnek), experienced group leaders, Fisdap liaisons to guide the group in understanding what data is available in Fisdap, Fisdap developers, statisticians, and of course lots and lots of food.

Naturally, with such a wealth of information about student internships and test results in the Fisdap database, people are often inclined to ask research questions about how different internship variables impact student competency, etc. We’ve done a lot of research on these educational aspects in the past, and I encourage you to check out some of the past abstracts that originated at a Fisdap Research Summit.

This year, however, we were pleasantly surprised to see a clinical theme emerge from the groups. Pain management, for example, was a hot topic. As was the prevalence of IO usage. As more research is done, it is always interesting to compare student data entered into Fisdap to information about what providers are doing at a national level. We hope that some--or all!--of the groups will submit their abstracts and papers for publication so that we can share their findings with you.

Come 2015, we may still host the Research Summit in February (in case you’re curious, it’s to align with the March 31st deadline for research abstract submissions to the PCRF) but maybe next year will be in sunny California! Right, Jen Berry?


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