Attend our Scenario Validation Workshop in Greenville, SC on 12/19-20 and learn to train like you fight!

October 20, 2016

Scenario-based evaluations allow students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained in a realistic setting. To improve their reliability and validity, instructors must review, set standards, and pilot test these valuable exams. In this free hands-on workshop, you’ll work with peers from the EMS education community to develop and validate scenarios that reliably measure psychomotor competency, with special emphasis on maximizing interrater reliability and balancing the scenarios within a curriculum. As an attendee, you’ll build the skills needed to:

• Improve scenario reliability and validity
• Master formative and summative scenario building
• Assess paramedic student competency and meet the NREMT portfolio.

You will contribute to a community built scenario bank designed to help schools meet new national psychomotor guidelines, and leave with a valid psychomotor exam to use at your own institution. Please register now at!

Greenville Health System
607 Grove Road | Greenville, SC 29605

December 19-20, 2017
Day 1: 9:00–5:00
Day 2: 9:00–5:00

This workshop is sponsored by Fisdap and facilitated by David Page, an award winning speaker and author.

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