August 7, 2014

If you allow your students to submit shift change requests (drop, cover, or swap) we understand that the list of pending shift requests can start to pile up. Our change should help!

We've added some filters and search functionality that will help you quickly find what you're looking for. Further, we've added selection tools that will let you approve or deny a group of shifts in bulk, all at once.


To approve or deny shift requests:

1. Go to the orange Shifts tab.

2. Click on the Schedule link and then the Scheduler drop down menu on the right of the top toolbar .

3. Click on Shift Requests. The number of pending shift requests will appear in an orange circle next to this option in the menu.

4. If you have pending shift requests, select the one you'd like to respond to. To save time, you can bulk approve or deny requests by selecting more than one. You can individually check the boxes next to each request or you can use this menu   to make your bulk selection.

5. Whether you're approving or denying one request or 10, once you've selected the shift requests you want to take action on, you'll click either the green Approve # requests or gray Deny # requests buttons.

If you've got a long list of shift requests to search though, you can use the All | Field | Clinical | Lab filters or type in the student's name. This search functionality is exclusively for the Pending requests section.