Meet the Fisdap Advisory Board: Dr. Bill Young

April 12, 2019

Fisdap's "Meet the Fisdap Advisory Board" articles will feature members of the Fisdap Advisory Board who provide a shining example of dedication to the advancement of EMS. The Advisory Board provides input on long-range goals and objectives, reviews current solutions, and makes recommendations to the Fisdap team.
This month, our Fisdap team had the chance to speak with Dr. Bill Young.

Enter skills and patient care information on the Fisdap Mobile App (with or without an internet connection)!

April 10, 2019

The Fisdap mobile app enables you to enter patient care data right from the hospital or ambulance! 

Whether you’re on WiFi, cellular data, or stranded on the side of a rural highway with no connection to the outside world—you can document every patient encounter with just a few taps on your mobile device. Hand the device over to your preceptor to have them rate your performance and sign off on your shift. Once you are back online, all your changes will be synced to your account.

Just Launched!

April 10, 2019

The following features and fixes are now live.

  • The Graduation Requirement Report has been updated to include new Appendix G impressions of “Cardiac-Acute Coronary Syndrome” & “Neuro-TIA” in the corresponding columns of “Cardiac” & “Neuro”.
  • Column names of Graduation Requirements Report have been updated to resolve a recent bug.
  • An issue that was preventing Appendix G Settings for Lab Practice Items with an Airway Management Icon from saving has been resolved.
  • Capstone Date field is now available to reflect the exact day when a student enters the Capstone portion of his/her learning journey.  The field can also be used to filter the Skills Report. 

Tips & Tricks: Setting Goals and Achieving Them Through Fisdap

April 9, 2019

Goal setting is critical to student success. Fisdap is dedicated to providing the tools programs need to set goals for their students and keep students on track to meet those goals. 

Join the April PCRF Discussion

April 1, 2019

Please join the PCRF Journal Club on April 8, 2019 at 12:00 PM (CST) for this month's discussion:

Performance of the RACE Score for the Prehospital Identification of Large Vessel Occlusion Stroke in a Suburban/Rural EMS Service 
Robert L. Dickson, Remle P. Crowe, Casey Patrick, Kevin Crocker, Michael Aiken, Andrew Adams, Guy R. Gleisberg, Tyler Nichols, Christopher Mason, and Ashish R. Panchal

Download the Latest PCRF Journal Club Discussion: Impact of shift duration on alertness among air-medical emergency care clinician shift workers

March 27, 2019

Did you catch the latest PCRF Journal Club discussion, "Impact of shift duration on alertness among air-medical emergency care clinician shift workers?" If not, download it now to hear members of the Prehospital Care Research Forum discuss this important research.

Just Launched!

March 21, 2019

The following features and fixes are now live:

  • Appendix G - Table 1 & 2: IV Bolus changed to IV Medication Administration to include IV Bolus, IV Drip or IV Push routes.
  • Appendix G - Table 2:  IV Therapy now counts any Venous Access intervention.
  • When exporting program-level Appendix G report, it now provides the latest version of the CoAEMSP spreadsheet.
  • A capacity limit issue with the program-level Appendix G report for large cohorts has been fixed.
  • The readability of the Terminal Competency form has been enhanced by adding page breaks after each section of the PDF file.
  • Users can now add comments at the patient level and share them with other students, preceptors or instructors.
  • A counting discrepancy between the Graduation Requirements Report and ALS Runs report has been resolved for the skill - Interpreting a Cardiac rhythm without performing a procedure.

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