Download the Latest Education Research Podcast: An Event-based Approach to Measurement

June 30, 2020

Did you catch the latest NAEMSE — PCRF Education Research Podcast? Download the recording here to watch the recording at your convenience.

An Event-based Approach to Measurement: Facilitating Observational Measurement in Highly Variable Clinical Settings
Rosemarie Fernandez, MD; Elizabeth D. Rosenman, MD; Sarah Brolliar; Anne K. Chipman, MD, MS; Colleen Kalynych, MSH, EdD; Marie C. Vrablik, MD, MCR; Joseph R. Keebler, PhD, and Elizabeth H. Lassara, PhD. doi: 10.1002/aet2.10395. 

Measuring learning performance in clinical settings is critical, however, current measurement systems can't accommodate the variability in patient care environments, particularly in emergency medicine. The objective of this study was to implement an event-based approach to measurement (EBAM) to apply to emergency medicine clinical events.

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