October 21, 2013

Fisdap plugins

At Fisdap, our developers and user experience designers are presented with fun and interesting challenges when it comes to bringing you beautiful, easy-to-use interfaces. We have a blast filling our white boards with ideas and collaborating with our talented teammates as our creativity is put to the test. Sometimes through this process, we come up with a new design standard. In our office and in development world, these are known as “plugins.”

Over the past year we’ve introduced several new plugins, and you’ll continue to see them implemented throughout our application. It’s hard to describe the excitement the geeks feel about these elements, but we want to be sure you understand how they work! We’d like to formally introduce you to Fancy Filters, Flippys, Slider Checkboxes and Multiselect Chosens.



Fancy Filters screenshot

What we call them: Fancy Filters
How they work: Fancy Filters are a powerful way to refine any list in Fisdap. These are typically tucked away until you click on the gray bar, at which point several options will slide down. If you’re filtering a list of students, you may see things like certification level or graduation status. Once you change one of these options, your list will reload and filter to just the things you’re looking for.
Where you’ll find them: You’ll see Fancy Filters with most student lists, Scheduler 2.0, the Skills Tracker shift list, and your test schedule.
Why we love them: We want to give you power and flexibility, while also keeping the page simple and focused. Fancy Filters can be out of your way until you need them.

Flippys screenshot

What we call them: Flippys
How they work: Flippys are a sleek, easy way to toggle between two options when filling out a form. Just clicking on the element will cause it to “flip” to its alternate state. For example, the Flippy above can either be “can” or “cannot.” These guys will always be incorporated in a sentence--making an overwhelming form simple to read and understand.
Where you’ll find them: You’ll find Flippys in Scheduler 2.0’s settings page, the add new/edit shift interface, and on several Compliance pages.
Why we love them: These are much nicer than clicking a radio option or choosing one of two options in a select box. We want our application to be modern and iPad/tablet friendly.

Slider checkboxes screenshot

What we call them: Slider Checkboxes
How they work: Slider Checkboxes are just like the toggle switches you’ll find on most mobile  devices.
Similar to Flippys, these are an easy way to toggle between two options. We most commonly use them for “show” and “hide.” Just clicking anywhere on the button will make the element slide to its alternate state. This will essentially turn it on or off.
Where you’ll find them: Slider Checkboxes can be found in Scheduler 2.0, the Skills Tracker settings page and in our new Compliance interfaces.
Why we love them: The software on our iPhones and Androids have set the standard for toggle switches. Since this is becoming more and more familiar to our users, we want to be sure we’re taking advantage of modern elements that align with industry standards.

Multiselect Chosens screenshot

What we call them: Multiselect Chosens
How they work: Multiselect Chosens are a great alternative to a long list of options with tiny checkboxes. This plugin will allow you to choose multiple items, search through an organized list, and easily remove unwanted items. Once you click on the white background your cursor will start blinking. You can begin typing in the search box if you know what you’re looking for, or just scroll through the list to search on your own. Clicking an option will add the item to the box. Pressing enter when an item is highlighted in blue will also automatically select it.
And, there is no limit to the number of items you can choose. Clicking on the small “x” on the right side of a selected option will deselect the item and return it to the list of available options.
Where you’ll find them: This can be found in Scheduler 2.0, Lab Practice settings and in our new Compliance interfaces.
Why we love them: We’ll do anything we can to reduce the number of clicks/steps/minutes you spend to complete a task. Typing a few letters and pressing enter is way faster than scrolling through a long list and clicking a checkbox.

For more updates from the development team, follow them on Twitter at @FisdapDev!