Just Launched!

March 21, 2019

The following features and fixes are now live:

  • Appendix G - Table 1 & 2: IV Bolus changed to IV Medication Administration to include IV Bolus, IV Drip or IV Push routes.
  • Appendix G - Table 2:  IV Therapy now counts any Venous Access intervention.
  • When exporting program-level Appendix G report, it now provides the latest version of the CoAEMSP spreadsheet.
  • A capacity limit issue with the program-level Appendix G report for large cohorts has been fixed.
  • The readability of the Terminal Competency form has been enhanced by adding page breaks after each section of the PDF file.
  • Users can now add comments at the patient level and share them with other students, preceptors or instructors.
  • A counting discrepancy between the Graduation Requirements Report and ALS Runs report has been resolved for the skill - Interpreting a Cardiac rhythm without performing a procedure.

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