Lab Skills Survey ResultsBy Mike Mayne

June 17, 2014

Fisdap Lab Skills for Scenarios and Patient Care Documentation

Fisdap Lab Skills Practice


In our spring newsletter, we asked educators to respond to a survey, which is a new initiative we've begun to directly solicit feedback. For our first survey, we asked about Lab Skills: who's using it, which evals are you using, etc. While we didn't get enough responses to represent the entire Fisdap community, we did want to address the obvious issue that many of you appear to be unfamiliar with Lab Skills.

We're doing two things to help: 1. we've written answers to the Lab Skills FAQ below and 2. we're planning a training webinar that will help you better understand Lab Skills.

Thanks for your feedback and please be on the lookout for more information about the upcoming webinar and future surveys. 


1. What is “Lab Skills”? Are lab skills different from skills entered in clinical and field?

The best way to think about this is in terms of goals. You already know about the Graduation Requirements goals: ages, impressions, skills, etc. These categories are from the 1998 National Standard Curriculum and skills entered in lab, clinical, and field all count towards a student’s goals.  

With Lab Skills, you have an entirely separate goal set to track things your students do in the lab setting. You choose which things you want your students to work on, and you can track their progress towards the goals you set up for them.  It’s completely customizable-- you could, for example, create a goal for your students to wash the ambulance 5 times.

To reiterate, your program can now have two separate sets of goals: one for skill acquisition-type tasks done in the lab and the other for your program’s graduation requirements.

2. My program uses custom skill sheets-- can I still use those in Lab Skills?

Yes! There are two ways you can accomplish this:

  1. Send your custom forms to support [at] fisdap [dot] net. We’ll enter them into our evals system and they’ll be selectable from your Lab Skills settings page.
  2. Use our generic “quick eval”.  Instead of filling out an entire skill sheet when they enter a Lab Practice Item, students will be prompted instead to enter just who the evaluator is and whether the attempt was successful or not.

3. I’d like to use Lab Skills, but it takes too much time to enter every evaluation digitally.

We implemented the +Partner button to make the process of entering skill checkoffs easier for instructors and students alike.  Without having to log out and switch accounts, students can use one device to evaluate each other on any of the items you’ve set up in Lab Skills.

When it comes to the final instructor evaluation, you can select a group of students and evaluate them all without having to navigate to each student’s Skills Tracker shift individually.


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