Meet the Fisdap Advisory Board: Dr. Bill Young

April 12, 2019

Fisdap's "Meet the Fisdap Advisory Board" articles will feature members of the Fisdap Advisory Board who provide a shining example of dedication to the advancement of EMS. The Advisory Board provides input on long-range goals and objectives, reviews current solutions, and makes recommendations to the Fisdap team.
This month, our Fisdap team had the chance to speak with Dr. Bill Young.

Dr. Young began his EMS career in 1975 with a small fire department near Williamsburg, Kentucky. The department began running first responder calls long before the phrase ever existed. In addition to Kentucky, his career has taken him to Tennessee, Colorado, Georgia, and Kansas. He has served as a street medic, training officer, supervisor, state regulator, and educator. Currently, he is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Department of Paramedicine at Eastern Kentucky University. He is also the host of the podcast, The Ten Minute Medic.

How has Fisdap helped you or your students? 

I used Fisdap long before it was “cool” to use Fisdap. The last thing either a student or professor wants or needs is for documentation to go missing. When I came on board here at Eastern Kentucky University, I advocated that we change from a paper and pen system to Fisdap. Since then, it has been a much smoother environment for maintaining records and ensuring compliance with CoAEMSP as well as the Kentucky Board of EMS.  

What’s your favorite Fisdap product/feature?  

My favorite feature is the Graduation Requirements Report. I have students run their own graduation report monthly so that I can ensure that they know how to access it as well as ensuring that they are reviewing it. I assign it to them as homework assignment with a quiz grade attached to ensure that they take it seriously.  

Why is the Fisdap Advisory Board important to you? 

I’m honored to be on the Advisory Board because I believe in the product. Fisdap has a long standing tradition of an outstanding product with awesome service. I want to make sure that this continues.  

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