New Skills Tracker & Accreditation Reports Available NowBy Mike Mayne

March 13, 2014

We are excited to announce the launch of Fisdap's redesigned Reports system!  Over the last several months, we've been rewriting Reports from the ground up in a new framework that offers many advantages. The new framework will allow us to make swift changes, easily spin up new reports or features, improve consistency between reports, etc. Check it out!

Brand New Reports

In addition to recreating our Legacy reports in the new framework, we've added a few new ones to the list:

  • Attendance

  • Late Data Entry

  • Preceptor Signoff (Eureka)

  • Shift Comments

  • Transition Course Completion

  • Scheduler Shift Requests

This new reports framework allows us to greatly reduce the amount of time our developers will have to spend creating new reports.  Say we want to build a Test Item Analysis report or a CoAEMSP Airway Management report, it would take our developers weeks instead of months. (Also, hint: those reports are coming up next!)

Recent Reports

The new system will automatically save a history of the reports you’ve run.  From the navigation menu (accessible from any reports page) you can quickly access your three most recently run reports.  The Reports history page will store your last 200.

Goals Widget

The goals widget, previously available to students on their MyFisdap page, is now available for instructors to view as well.  Monitor your students' progress towards their Lab Practice Goals and Graduation Requirements in one place.

Link directly to shifts

In the new Reports, any time we reference a student's shift, we provide a direct link to that shift. Where applicable, we'll link directly to the run or patient assessment within the shift.

Use Legacy Reports or New Reports

We want to be sensitive to the timing of our software updates. Since we're in the middle of the semester, we will not be removing the Legacy Reports system until later. Hopefully this will give you time to rely on the Reports you're accustomed to using while getting acquainted with the new Reports.

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 11.05.48 AM.png

We'd love to hear your ideas for new reports!  Please continue to send suggestions to reports [at] fisdap [dot] net!

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