Reserve your spot now: Scenario Validation Workshop in Valhalla, NY (August 17-18)

August 4, 2016

Learn how to design scenarios that assess Paramedic student competency and meet the NREMT portfolio at our upcoming Scenario Validation Workshop in Valhalla, NY. In this 2 day workshop, you will learn to

• Improve scenario reliability and validity
• Master formative and summative scenario building
• Meet National EMS Education Standards and NREMT psychomotor exam requirements

Plus, you’ll contribute to a growing scenario bank designed to help schools meet new national psychomotor guidelines, and you’ll leave with a valid psychomotor exam to use at your own institution.

Register now at

Westchester Community College
75 Grasslands Road
Valhalla, New York 10595

August 17-18, 2016
Day 1: 8:00–5:00
Day 2: 8:00–5:00



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