Virtual User Meeting webinarBy Rachael Rosen

August 20, 2013

Each year, at the NAEMSE Symposium, we invite all current and prospective Fisdap users to attend our User Meeting. During this meeting, we like to give a sort of state of the union. We cover an agenda of what we've accomplished in the past year and what we're planning on working on in the year ahead.

This way, our users understand what our priorities are and then we encourage them to share their thoughts and opinions on what they think we should be working on. For example, last year, at the Fisdap User Meeting in 2012 in Orlando, FL, we heard loud and clear from our users that the NREMT Psychomotor Competency Portfolio Package was driving a need to better track skills practice in the lab. Our patient care reports in Skills Tracker are intended for comprehensive runs or patient assessments--so Lab Skills, as we call it, was born out of that meeting. Now, students and instructors can track lab skills practice in a streamlined way designed just for that environment. 

As you'll see in the recording of this webinar, we got a lot done this year. We are especially proud that our transition from the first version of Skills Tracker to our new "2.0" version is complete. All 900+ institutions using Fisdap are now on the 2.0 platform. Additionally, we developed Lab Skills (as stated above), and we built 3 online Transition Courses to provide the gap training from the National Standard Curriculum to the National Education Standards. We also developed several new exams that have either completed pilot testing or are still in pilot testing. Namely, we are set to release the Entrance Exam--EMS's first entrance exam exclusively for paramedic students. The Entrance Exam is designed to assess readiness for paramedic school and is a tool you can use in your admissions process and also to evaluate what your entering class of students' strengths and weaknesses are. 

Virtual User Meeting 8-16-13 from Fisdap on Vimeo.

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