Webinar recap for Scheduler 2.0 Part 1 | New SchedulerBy Rachael Rosen

November 13, 2013
Join Amy, Rachel, & Rachael for an introduction to the new Scheduler that we'll be releasing in January 2014.

In this Scheduler demo, you'll see the different calendar views (Month, Week, Day, List), more powerful filters, easier option for assigning students, how to export a PDF or send automated emails, how to add shifts, and more.

Get in touch with mmayne [at] fisdap [dot] net (subject: Scheduler%20beta) (Mike Mayne) if you want your program to convert to Scheduler 2.0 with the beta group prior to our global release in January.

Sign up for Part 2 of the new Scheduler series. In December, we'll be focusing on Compliance, a brand new feature of the Scheduler that we're debuting.

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