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Performing research that will advance the profession of EMS education is at the heart of what we do. In the last six years, over 25 published research abstracts have used Fisdap data. You can read about some of the research projects online.

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Tradeshow Fisdap tools online EMS educationWe love going to conferences around the country and meeting new people, putting names to faces for the first time. To us, EMS conferences, especially NAEMSE, feel like family reunions. As our company gets bigger, we might have to institute a lottery to see who gets to go! Because who doesn’t want to go to a family reunion?

Annually, we meet with our customers at NAEMSE to discuss what’s working, what’s developing in the industry that will warrant changes to our software, and where Fisdap can make enhancements that will change someone’s entire outlook on work/life balance!

How Schools Like You Use Fisdap

Interview with:

Charlie Dixon

Class size:

~40 paramedic

~35 EMT

Skills Tracker iconSkills Tracker
Fisdap Scheduler iconScheduler
Fisdap Testing iconTesting

Columbus Division of Fire

Quote iconThe students like the challenge of the Fisdap test. They need something that’s on par with the Registry.Quote icon

Fire-based EMS training is in a uniquely difficult position. Students are practicing or training firefighters and often go years between being trained as an EMT and starting up Paramedic school. Columbus Division of Fire also has an average age of 32, meaning their students have gone a much longer time without taking any kind of test, let alone one as rigorous as the National Registry. Columbus uses Fisdap testing to give their students the best possible chance at attaining their certification.

Quote iconThe predictiveness of the test is simply on the money.Quote icon

Columbus Division of Fire has their students do their coursework and take the National Registry before taking a Fisdap comprehensive test. If the student doesn’t pass their initial Registry attempt, they are given one of our exams in order to diagnose problem areas and form a study plan. Instructors work closely with students to make the most of the Learning Prescription each student receives from their Fisdap test. Between rigorous coursework and using Fisdap Testing for remediation, Columbus Division of Fire has 100% pass rates within the first three attempts at the National Registry exam.

Interview with:

Tom Shuler, Clinical Coordinator

Class size:

~25 paramedic

Fisdap Skills Tracker iconSkills Tracker
Fisdap Scheduler iconScheduler

Barton County Community College

Quote iconBefore Fisdap, we went through paperwork—we just told the students you have all this paperwork you have to turn in. We had cases of paperwork from the students. We’d have to go through it by hand and say "this student looks complete.

It’s much, much quicker reporting through FISDAP.
Quote icon

Barton County Community College has to manage students all across Kansas. With four campuses worth of Paramedic students, Barton has a lot of data to manage from a lot of locations. Before using Fisdap, they had custom database software to track hours and skills. Says Tom Shuler, their current clinical coordinator:

Quote iconI’ve been spoiled. When I first got here, we were just moving away from our custom software. The problem was that it was so slow.Quote icon

So Barton tried out Fisdap’s Skills Tracker and Scheduler. Students were much happier, because the software was much faster and more user friendly.

Quote iconWhen we switched over to Fisdap, the students just fell in love with it.Quote icon
Interview with:

Ann Hudgins, Class Coordinator

Class size:

~150 paramedic

~150 EMT

Fisdap Skills Tracker iconSkills Tracker
Fisdap Scheduler iconScheduler
Fisdap Testing iconTesting

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

School of Health Professions, Division of Emergency Medicine Education

Quote iconScheduling got WAY too complicated to do it on paper. In a day and a half, I can do what would have taken me weeks to do… in fact, I probably couldn’t have done it.Quote icon

UT students need to get their schedules in to their internship sites early. Every month, each site receives an automated email through the Fisdap Scheduler. Reliable communication keeps sites happy, informed, and better prepared to help teach UT Southwestern’s students.

To measure student progress, UT has set their own goal numbers in Fisdap. Instructors can see an overview of their whole class, and students see live, automatically updating progress toward goals.

Quote iconWhen you see that everyone else is at 80%, and someone else is at 13%, you know there’s a problem…it’s about accountability.Quote icon