New Account Ordering

We're excited about the launch of our new Account Ordering system!

Check out some of the new features and familiarize yourself with the changes.


What's changed?                                    


  • Enhanced user experience
    • Simpler workflow -- using a guide, we walk you through the steps of ordering accounts to simplify the task
    • Easy account creation -- pre-set class sections and graduation dates for new students and, to reduce confusion, activation codes (formerly serial numbers) and product codes are now interchangeable


  • Better communication for new accounts
    • Fewer emails -- less clutter in your inbox. We'll be delivering information about new students to your MyFisdap inbox.
    • Smarter emails -- the messages we send to your students will include personalized links that are specific to your program and will automatically direct your students to exactly where they need to go.


  • More options for activating accounts
    • Activate accounts for your students -- upload a spreadsheet with your class's information and quickly activate accounts for your entire class 
    • Invite students to activate accounts through Fisdap -- update Fisdap with your students' email addresses and we'll send them all the necessary account activation info for you


  • New ways to offer you discounts
    • Packages -- buy several bundled products to save you and your students money
    • Coupon codes -- we've added the ability to offer limited-time discounts or special rewards through coupons. Look for future announcements about sales and coupons!


  • Better account management tools
    • Order History page -- review previous orders and even repeat an order you'd placed before
    • Inventory page -- search for activation codes to see if they've been used and by whom and use filters to search for activation codes that are still available to assign to students.


Introducing packages! Save when you bundle.





Watch a tutorial to learn how to order accounts with the new system.

Order Accounts 10.1.12 from Fisdap on Vimeo.


Watch a recording of the webinar we hosted on September 19:

New Account Ordering Demo Webinar Recording from Fisdap on Vimeo.


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