FISDAP Mobile has arrived!By Rachael Rosen

September 8, 2010

We received an outpouring of requests for a smart phone-friendly version of the FISDAP Skills Tracker, and we are excited to announce FISDAP Mobile!

Using FISDAP Mobile, students can view their Shift List and enter patient care data from their phones. Best of all, access to the mobile site is FREE.

To start using FISDAP Mobile, go to on your phone and log in. Just like our full website, students and instructors can use FISDAP Mobile to enter and review data and check the Goals Report. FISDAP Mobile just looks better on a small screen ;)
Download and watch a tutorial on how to use FISDAP Mobile before you begin.

FISDAP Mobile is still a beta feature (what's beta?), so please send all feedback to support [at] fisdap [dot] net.


Please Note: The Mobile Skills Tracker currently supports the iPhone, the Palm Pre, and phones running the Android operating system. At this time, we do not support the Blackberry, but expect that people who upgrade to the soon-to-be-released Blackberry OS 6 will be able to use FISDAP Mobile.

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