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“Getting a patient’s medical information… it can be problematic here and there and everywhere" - PCRF Journal Club

It may seem obvious to many of us that having health information and access to medical records is essential for EMS providers, and affects our patient care. Kudos to Ollie Zorab and colleagues in the National Health Service United Kingdom ambulance service for tackling this issue with a bit of science. Their work is critical to laying a foundation for why EMS needs real time access to protected medical information, just as any other medical professional. Listen as Sean Britton and Paul Rosenberger discuss in greater detail.

Zorab, O., Robinson, M., & Endacott, R. (2015). Are prehospital treatment or conveyance decisions affected by an ambulance crew’s ability to access a patient’s health information? BioMed Central Emergency Medicine, 15. doi: 10.1186/s12873-015-0054-1