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Does your ambulance service piggyback glucose with thiamine? by David, Alex, Marshall, Josh, Keith, and Kelsey

IV thiamine administered with glucose was previously believed to prevent Wernick’s encephalopathy (brain damage particularly in the hypothalamus and thalamus due to thiamine deficiency) within the prehospital setting. 

A recent study performed by Merlin et al: Comparison of Prehospital Glucose with or without IV Thiamine, determined that in a retrospective cohort of 242 patients, IV thiamine did little to respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure, GCS or ED discharge rates when administered with glucose.   The speakers bring up interesting points regarding the nature of the study as well as its validity.  There are a few questions that were still left unanswered by the study, and this paper may provide a stepping stone for which further research may be continued.

Article: Comparison of Prehospital Glucose with or without IV Thiamine



Speakers: David Page, MS, NREMT-P, Marshall J. Washick, BAS, NREMT-P, Joshua G. Salzman, MA, EMT-B, Kelsey Echols, MD, Alexander Trembley NREMT - P.