"Improving Overtriage of Aeromedical Transport in Trauma"

March 14, 2014

A study published in Journal of Acute Care Surgery examined the implementation of a Trauma Advisory Committee (TAC) to perform outreach and education of emergency medical agencies in the use of Aeromedical Transportation (AMT). This study discovered that after implementation of a process improvement initiative (PI), there was a marked decrease (14%) in the percentage of AMT overtriage in counties with implementation of the PI when compared to counties without the PI.

Speakers: Alexander Trembley, NREMT-PPeter Tanghe, MDKeith Wesley, MD, FACEP

Original study: "Improving overtriage of aeromedical transport in trauma: a regional process improvement iniative," by Blair A. Wormer, Greg P. Fleming, Ashley B. Christmas, Ronald F. Sing, Michael H. Thomason, and Toan Huynh