"Pediatric Anaphylaxis Management in the Prehospital Setting"

January 9, 2014

A recent retrospective study analyzing the management of pediatric anaphylaxis was performed by comparing discharge diagnoses with prehospital patient care reports. The study concluded that in the 218 cases of anaphylaxis analyzed, only 36% of patients received an intramuscular injection of epinephrine. Much of this discrepancy was likely due to the fact that these patients received epinephrine before EMS arrival. The protocols for the EMS agency responding to these calls were also such that epinephrine was the last line in interventions for the treatment of anaphylaxis. This study does, however, demonstrate the greater need for the differentiation of anaphylaxis from other respiratory ailments by EMS providers.

Speakers: Alexander Trembley, NREMT-PPeter Tanghe, MDKeith Wesley, MD, FACEP

Original study: "Pediatric anaphylaxis management in the prehospital setting," by Gunjan Kamdar Tiyyagura, MD, Linda Arnold, MD, David C. Cone, MD and Melissa Langhan, MD.