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Prehospital Point-of-Care Testing for Troponin: Are the Results Reliable? by David, Joshua, Keith, Aaron

A study conducted by J. Venturini, C. Stake, and M. Cichon demonstrated the viability of using prehospital troponin levels as a diagnostic tool for patient care and transport destination.  An i-STAT machine was used to assess patient troponin levels enroute and again at the ED to determine the correlation between the two results.  The study showed high correlation between the two sample tests, indicating the potential for this device to be used in the field.

This study shows the major potential for providing better patient care, especially in more rural areas where transporting an NSTEMI patient with elevated troponin levels to a cath lab increases myocardial survival.  Without this device, NSTEMI patients may have to undergo further testing in the ED before receiving definitive treatment.

Speakers: David Page, MS, NREMT-PJoshua G. Salzman, MAKeith Wesley, MD, FACEP; Aaron Burnett, MD.

Original article: "Prehospital point-of-care testing for troponin: are the results reliable?", by Joseph M. Venturini, BA, Christine E. Stake, MA, and Mark E. Cichon, DO.