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Psychometric Testing of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy with Paramedic Students by David, Alexander, Keith, Chris

This study was performed to analyze the Jefferson Scale of Empathy Health Profession and its measurement of empathy in health care providers. A modified Jefferson Scale was given to paramedic students in a large Australian university to determine their level of empathy. The study showed a positive correlation between the students’ scores in “compassionate care” and “perspective taking,” confirming that the Jefferson Scale is a valid and reliable measure for empathy in paramedic students.

Speakers: David Page, MS, NREMT-PAlexander Trembley, NREMT-PKeith Wesley, MD, FACEP, Chris Schultz, MHA, EMT-CP

Original article: "Psychometric testing of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy Health Profession Students' version with Australian paramedic students," by Brett Williams, PhD; Ted Brown, PhD; Malcolm Boyle, PhD; and Simon Dousek, BA.