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"Race and Sex Disparities in Prehospital Recognition of Acute Stroke" - PCRF Journal Club by Megan Corry and Prasanthi Govindarajan

This month, we discussed a study on disparities in recognition of stroke by prehospital providers based on race and sex. Joining us were guest facilitator and PCRF fellow Megan Corry and study author Dr. Prasanthi Govindarajan of Stanford University. This was a fascinating discussion about a key topic in EMS.
"Race and Sex Disparities in Prehospital Recognition of Acute Stroke" was authored by Prasanthi Govindarajan, MD, MAS, Benjamin T. Friedman, NREMT-P, James Q. Delgadillo, David Ghilarducci, MD, Lawrence J. Cook, PhD, Barbara Grimes, PhD, Charles E. McCulloch, PhD, and S. Claiborne Johnston, MD, PhD. It was published March 2015 in Volume 22, Issue 3 of Academic Emergency Medicine.

Download the podcast MP3 or check out the webinar recording on YouTube.

The PCRF Journal Club convenes on the second Monday of each month.

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