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The Prehospital Care Research Forum is dedicated to fostering and improving research in EMS. Below you will find select podcasts discussing current research that affects EMS. These podcasts are meant to review methodology and applicability to prehospital care, promote healthy and respectful discussions, and inspire new research. We encourage you to comment on the podcasts and make suggestions as to how we can improve this feature.

Where and when should you obtain intraosseous access? by David, Marshall, Josh, Aaron and Charles

The panel discusses five recent intraosseous research articles. Would you start an IO on a conscious patient, have you? Listen as they discuses several aspects of each article. 

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Transportation of a septic patient. by David, Marshall, Josh, Aaron and Charles

Does your EMS system have a sepsis or septic shock protocol and should it?

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Dr. Aufderheide and Dr. Franscone discuss the results of the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Study. by Dr. Tom Aufderheide, Dr. RJ Frascone, David Page MS NREMT-P.

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