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The Prehospital Care Research Forum is dedicated to fostering and improving research in EMS. Below you will find select podcasts discussing current research that affects EMS. These podcasts are meant to review methodology and applicability to prehospital care, promote healthy and respectful discussions, and inspire new research. We encourage you to comment on the podcasts and make suggestions as to how we can improve this feature.

After administering Naloxone for a heroin overdose, can it be safe to let alert and oriented patients refuse transportation to the hospital? by Keith, Marshall and Aaron

Is it safe to let alert and oriented patients refuse transportation to the hospital after Naloxone administration for a heroin overdose?

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Paramedic assessment in the prehospital setting leads to appropriate home hospital service referral. by Josh, Keith, Marshall and David

In this episode Keith, Marshall, Josh, and David discuss Glenn Arendts article ParaMED Home: A protocol for a randomised controlled trial of paramedic assessment and referral to access medical care at home, an Australian purpose study protocol that was published in Biomed Central on June 8, 2011.  If this is study proven effective, could it possibly lead to a decrease in overcrowding in the Emergency Department from low risk patients? You can find the complete article here.

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