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The Prehospital Care Research Forum is dedicated to fostering and improving research in EMS. Below you will find select podcasts discussing current research that affects EMS. These podcasts are meant to review methodology and applicability to prehospital care, promote healthy and respectful discussions, and inspire new research. We encourage you to comment on the podcasts and make suggestions as to how we can improve this feature.

The Scoop Stretcher by David, Keith, Aaron and Marshall

Scoop stretcher vs. Long Spine Board Techniques for spinal immobilization: Dr. Keith Wesley and Marshall Washick bring this interesting paper to life as they discuss the results with David Page and Dr. Aaron Burnett. Click here to see the Street Science Column on this topic at www.jems.com
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Affect of High Flow Oxygen by David, Keith, Aaron and Marshall

Too much Oxygen? David Page, Dr. Keith Wesley, Dr. Aaron Burnett and Marshall Washick discuss the October 2010 paper by Dr. Michael Austin: Effect of high flow oxygen on mortality in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in prehospital setting: randomised controlled trial.
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Todd Cage

Todd Cage MEd, NREMT-P discusses his NAEMSE 2010 oral abstract: The Role of Paramedic Schools in Preparing Students for Pre-employment Testing and The Physical Demands of Emergency Medical Services; Interviewed by Genghis Philip, Schaumburg IL, Sept. 2010.
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John Gosford and Todd Cage

Todd Cage MEd, NREMT-P and John Gosford MS, EMT-P discuss their abstract: The Effect of Patient Acuity on Frequency of Paramedic Student Team Leads. Co-authors: Sherm Syverson, Suzann Schmidt, Ashley Young, Joshua Salzman; Interviewed by Genghis, Schaumburg IL, Sept. 2010.
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Heather Davis

Heather Davis talks with David Page about the research she presented at the 2010 NAEMSE Symposium.
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