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The Prehospital Care Research Forum is dedicated to fostering and improving research in EMS. Below you will find select podcasts discussing current research that affects EMS. These podcasts are meant to review methodology and applicability to prehospital care, promote healthy and respectful discussions, and inspire new research. We encourage you to comment on the podcasts and make suggestions as to how we can improve this feature.

Backbreaking new research: A discussion on when to use long spine boards by David, Alex, Marshall, Josh, Keith, and Kelsey

A statement by the NAEMSP (National Association of EMS Physicians) cited the disuse of backboards when providing spine immobilization for unintoxicated patients without distracting injuries. 

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A discussion about midazolam and lorazepam degradation by Josh, Keith, Marshall, Bjorn

Does the ambient temperature of your ambulance impact the efficaciousness of your benzodiazepines? How long does it take for midazolam or lorazepam to expire? 

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Should EMS providers always transport alcohol intoxicated patients to the hospital? by David, Josh, Keith

How accurate can an EMS provider’s assessment diagnose the “just drunk” patient. 

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