Program Account Settings

Program info

To change information about your program, such as mailing address, primary contact, billing information, please follow the directions below.


Instructor Account Settings

Important: Note that your ability to view and edit information and settings in Fisdap depends on the permission settings assigned to your account. Additional restrictions may be set by your institution. For more information, contact your program director.


Edit account information

If you have certain administrative permissions you can edit an instructor's name, email address, email settings, and permissions.


Student Account Settings

Change your account information

To edit your first name, last name, address, phone numbers, email address, or birth date:

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Click on the Account Information link.
  3. Edit your information and hit the Save button.


Change your password

You have to be logged in to Fisdap to change your password.

To change your password:



Upgrade your account

In Fisdap, “upgrading” your account means adding new product access. If you’re interested in taking our NREMT practice exams, you can upgrade your account to include Study Tools.

To add different products to your account,


Account Settings for Students

Edit Account Information

To edit a student's first name, last name, password, address, phone numbers, email address, graduation date, graduation status, data quality, or emergency contact information:


Ordering Accounts


The only cost of using Fisdap is the student account fees. You determine who's paying--the school or the students--as well as how you wish to pay--invoice or credit card.

Once a student has an account, the account can easily be upgraded to include additional products. For example, you can start out with Scheduler and Skills Tracker then add Study Tools later.


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