The only cost of using Fisdap is the student account fees. You determine who's paying--the school or the students--as well as how you wish to pay--invoice or credit card.

Once a student has an account, the account can easily be upgraded to include additional products. For example, you can start out with Scheduler and Skills Tracker then add Study Tools later.


Video Tutorial


Order Accounts 10.1.12 from Fisdap on Vimeo.


Activation Codes

An activation code is what students and preceptors need in order to create an account with Fisdap. Each activation code is unique and specific to your school, the certification level of the student, and the product access they should have. The activation code also indicates whether the student will pay or whether the school already has. 

To get an activation code, go through the steps of Ordering Accounts detailed in the tutorial video.


Create an Account

Fisdap recommends that students set up their own Fisdap accounts. To do so, they should:

  1. Go to the Fisdap home page and click on the Create an Account button.
  2. From the Create an Account page, the students will type or paste in their access code.
    1. If the student was given a prepaid code, the student will proceed directly to the Account Setup page to type in their personal information and create a Fisdap username and password.
    2. If the student is given a non-prepaid code students will proceed to a payment screen first. As soon as they pay for their account, they should follow the prompts to immediately activate their account and also create a Fisdap username and password.

Once a student is live in your program, you will be able to search for that student.



You can add product access to a student's account at any time. An example of this would be if you wait until students finish the class before you buy Testing accounts for them. You cannot, however, upgrade students from EMT to Paramedic--students who advance from EMT to Paramedic, must create a new account.

If you want the students to pay Fisdap directly, instruct them to upgrade their own acocunts. If the school is paying for the upgrade, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Account tab.
  2. Click the orange Order Accounts button at the top right.
  3. On the Account Order/Upgrade page, click on the Upgrade Existing link under the Student Accounts section.
  4. From the Upgrade Student Accounts page, use the search filters at the top of the page to generate a list of the students whose accounts you wish to upgrade.
    • Each column represents a different Fisdap product and the green checkmark indicates a product the student already has.
  5. Check the boxes for the products you want to add to your upgrade order.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Order with invoice or Pay by credit card.


Preceptor Training

Similar to student accounts, you can order Preceptor Training accounts that you pay for, or that the preceptor will pay for.

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Click on the Order accounts button on the upper right.
  3. Click the Buy New Accounts link.
  4. Choose the radio button next to Preceptor Training and enter the number of preceptor accounts you would like to order. 
  5. Choose who will be paying: 
    • If you will be paying for the preceptor training choose My Business will pay. This will generate prepaid codes. 
    • If preceptors must pay for their own accounts, choose The account holders (students/preceotprs) will pay. This will generate a non-prepaid code.
  6. Review your purchase summary and choose Next (Billing)
  7. If you are paying, choose Order with Invoice or Order with Credit Card.
  8. Type in any necessary billing information and Confirm your order.

You will be sent an email containing codes that the preceptors will use to activate their accounts. Distribute the codes to your preceptors and direct them to go to the Fisdap home page and click on the Create an Account button.

To add Preceptor training to an existing instructor account:

  1. Go to the Account tab and click on the orange Order accounts button. 
  2. Click the Upgrade Existing Accounts link. 
  3. Under the Products to Upgrade heading, you will see a paragraph of text containing a link to upgrade instructor accounts to include preceptor training. Click the link. 
  4. Choose the check mark to the right of the instructor account you'd like to upgrade and proceed to purchase. 


Order History

You can view a list of orders that have been placed at your program over time.  Use this page to see a reference of what you have ordered in the past and even repeat orders if you want to buy the same products or packages.

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Click on the Order accounts button.
  3. Click the View my order history link.
  4. Click on a row to seem ore details about that order and if you wish to order the same thing, click the Repeat this order link.

We can only show you orders placed after October 3, 2012 when we started storing this information. Also, we only show orders for activation codes--if you need a product code, you can follow the steps to generate one.



The inventory page helps you to do a couple different things: you can search for specific activation codes to see which ones have been activated and you can also search for available ones to distribute to your students.

To get to the Inventory Page:

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Click on the Order accounts button.
  3. Click the View my inventory (unused activation codes) link.

To search by specific activation codes:

Click the By specific activation codes link. This will give you a text box so that you can enter the activation codes. Whether you are typing them in or copy/pasting, if you have more than one code, please be sure to only enter one code per line. 

Once you find the activation code, you can check to see if it's avialable, activated (and by whom), or which student the code has been distributed to. 

If the code has not been activated yet, you can email it to a student. You can also edit the graduation date attached to the activation code.

To search by product or student type:

Click the By filters link. Select all the filter settings you want to search by to see if you have any available activation codes that match. Be sure you choose the correct timeframe for your search.

Of the available activation codes, if any have already been distributed (but not activated), you can see which student the code was distributed to. 

Click the checkboxes to email activation codes to a single student or a group of students. You can also edit the graduation date attached to the activation code(s).