Upgrade your account

In Fisdap, “upgrading” your account means adding new product access. If you’re interested in taking our NREMT practice exams, you can upgrade your account to include Study Tools.

To add different products to your account,

  1. Go to the Account tab.
  2. Click on the Upgrade link.
    Note: The products you already have access to have a green checkmark.
  3. Select the product(s) you want to purchase, and proceed to pay online. 

Once you have completed the purchase, you should have instant access to your new products. However, we recommend logging out and logging back in to refresh your account.


Testing vs. Study Tools

Secure testing is just that—secure—so an instructor must schedule and then proctor the exam for students. What makes Study Tools so great is the freedom for students to take practice exams on their own.

Study Tools is just as predictive as Testing at determining your chances of passing the NREMT. Over 97% of students who passed our exam went on to pass the NREMT on the first attempt.

If you’re looking for extra practice tests you can take at home, Study Tools is the right choice.