Appendix G

Introduction to Appendix G

As part of the CoAEMSP’s accreditation process, each paramedic program must submit a Self-Study Report. The information requested includes several different supplemental forms. One of these forms, Appendix G, is meant to measure student progress against certain educational goals representing a broad spectrum of patient ages, complaints, diagnoses, learning environments, and specific procedures. Recently, CoAEMSP announced changes to their Appendix G form to bring it more inline with NREMT’s Portfolio project.

Airway Management

In the fall of 2013, the CoAEMSP released their Airway Management Recommendation, which advises setting a goal for paramedic students to achieve 50 airway management attempts during their internship.

Throughout the Skills Tracker, look for the new Airway Management symbol: Airway Management icon

Accreditation Reports

As part of our committed effort to simplify your accreditation process, we have created reports that are identical to the CoAEMSP's self-study forms for Appendices E-H. We recognize that the CoAEMSP wants to see documentation about how you track and evaluate your students' field and clinical internships. With the data your students have already entered into Fisdap, you can easily generate these reports with all the information required by the CoAEMSP.


Preceptor Training

Preceptor Training is an online course that contains a series of educational videos, quizzes, and a final exam (totaling 4 hours of content) broken down into small modules, allowing you to take the training at your own pace as time allows.

Upon successful completion of the course, preceptors will receive 4 hours of CECBEMS Continuing Education credit. 


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