Downloading the App

The Fisdap Mobile App is available to download for Android on te Google Play Store and for iOS on the App Store.To download the Fisdap Mobile App, launch the store app on your device and search for "Fisdap."



To login to the Fisdap Mobile App, use the username and password from your Fisdap account. 


Instructor Features

The Fisdap Mobile App allows instructors to complete the followng tasks on their Android or iOS device:

  • See students associated shift data with saved patient information and attachments
  • Complete Preceptor Sign Off on a student's shift or patient (Your ability to complete Precepter Sign Off depends on your program settings)
  • Add Quick Shifts for students
  • Add attachments with notes to a student's shift


Offline Capabilities

Once you have logged in and downloaded your shift details, you can assist your student with entering patient data and save attachments locally while you are offline. Once you are conntected to WiFi or cellular data, your changes will be saved to your account.

Note: You can only use the Signature option to complete the Preceptor Sign Off while you are offline. 

When you are offline, you will see one of two notes:

  • No Internet Connection. No new items to sync. 
    This note indicates that you do not have any information to sync and you can start documenting a shift. 
  • No Internet Connection. New items to sync. 
    This note indicates that you have started to document the shift and clicked save, but need to sync once you have Internet connection. 



Once you have a connection, click the sync icon  to save your information. Once you see the "Sync Completed" message, click OK. The shift is now saved and can be edited if needed. 


View Shift List

The Fisdap Mobile App sorts shifts differently than the desktop application. Rather than showing all of the student's shifts on one list, they are separated into three sections:

  • Unlocked
  • Future
  • Locked

You will also find your Maps and Quick Add Shifts here.

The user experience is similar across iOS and Android, with native controls that users expect:

Android – Shift data for selected student and shift details

iOS – Shift data for selected student and shift details


Quick Add Shifts

If your program gives you permission to add shifts to student accounts, you will see the plus icon  under the student's Shift List. Click the plus and choose Lab Shift, Clinical Shift, or Field Shift. Follow the steps, adding the correct Shift Site, Base/Department, Date, Start Time, and Duration of the shift. Click Save or Cancel at the top of the screen. 



You can see where a shift is located on the Map feature. To see where a shift is located, select the shift and click on the Map icon .



To upload a document to a student's shift, click the plus icon  next to Attachments. You will have the option to add an attachment from your gallery, using a picture saved on your phone/tablet, or to take a new picture using your camera. If you are a first-time user, you will need to all the Fisdap Mobile App to access your camera. You can name the attachment, select a category, and add notes. Avoid including patient information that could violate HIPPAA. 


Preceptor Signoff

Depending on your school's Program Setting, the preceptor can signoff on a student's shift or patient using a unique Fisdap username and password or an electronic signature. The Preceptor Signoff page includes a Shift Summary, an evaluation for the preceptor and/or student to complete, a Plan of Action, and the Evaluator Signoff box. 

In the Evaluator Signoff box, preceptors also have the option to lock the shift or specific patient, which will prevent the student from making any changes to the shift data that the preceptor has already reviewed. 


Logging Out

Click on the side Menu icon  and click Logout

If you need any assistance with the Fisdap Mobile App, you can click the Message icon  to email support, or you can call the Fisdap Instructor Hotline, 612-877-7251.

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