How it works

The concept of Shared Scheduler is fairly simple: If you are using the Fisdap Scheduler you can share available shifts with other programs or institutions as a way to combine schedules and minimize double-booking.  

Fisdap shared scheduler

Once Shared Scheduler is set up, any instructor who is a member of a sharing network with permission to edit schedules can create shifts and make them available to students at more than one program. This facilitates the scheduling of students from multiple programs at those select shared field and clinical sites. When you create or edit shifts, you can decide on a shift by shift basis whether you want to share the shift, and with whom you would like to share it.

Shared shifts will appear in your Scheduler with the network icon: .


Begin using Shared Scheduler

To set up site sharing with another program,

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Under the Program Settings and Evaluations section, click on the Site administration link.
  3. From the Site Admin - My Sites page, select the site you want to set up for sharing then click the orange Edit button. 
  4. Click the Sharing Network tab in the left menu. 

  • If the site has never been shared before, the page will say, "No one has set up a sharing network at [site name] yet. Click the Request Sharing button. The Fisdap support team will receive your request, and we'll reach out to you to have a conversation about how you want to set up sharing. 
  • In the Not Sharing list you will see any other programs who are also using that site in Fisdap (including your own). You'll notice that programs listed in a gray font have not requested sharing. This will give you some indication of who else you might share with and what the current status of a sharing network is.
  • If the site is already part of a sharing network with other programs in Fisdap, your request to join the sharing network will go directly to the administrator of that site.

If no one responds to your Shared Scheduler request, please contact the Fisdap support team.


Manage Shared Scheduler

  1. Go to the orange Account tab.
  2. Under the Program Settings and Evaluations section, click on the Site administration link.
  3. From the Site Admin - My Sites page, select the site you want to set up for sharing then click the orange Edit button. 
  4. Click the Sharing Network tab in the left menu. 


Once you are a part of a sharing network, there are two roles: member and administrator.  

  • A member belongs to a sharing network and can receive shared shifts. Members cannot control what other programs have permission to do, however, members can remove their own program from the sharing network.
  • An administrator is denoted by an asterisk (*) in the Sharing list. Administrators can create shared shifts and distribute them to other programs in the sharing network.

Administrators can move programs between Sharing and Not Sharing to accept other program's requests to join the network. If a program has requested sharing, they will be in black font in the Not Sharing list. To add them, simply click the program name to select it and then use the right arrow button to move it into the Sharing list. 

Administrators can also remove programs other than their own from sharing by doing the opposite --select a program and use the left arrow to move them from Sharing to Not Sharing.


Edit sharing permissions

As an administrator, you can accept new requests to join the sharing network and edit the permissions of different programs.

When a new program first requests to join the sharing network, you will be asked to decide if you want to share existing shifts already in the calendar with the new program and/or if you want to add the new program's existing shifts to the shared schedule. You will only be asked the Yes/No questions once when you're first accepting the new program into the shared network.

Fisdap shared scheduler sharing permissions EMS education


To edit sharing permissions for another program or your own, click on the program name to highlight it and then click the Edit button. The window pictured below will appear.

Fisdap shared scheduler sharing permissions EMS education

Flip the can/cannot options to control the sharing permissions and determine who can create shared shifts and whether or not students' names should be visible.

When you give another program permission to create shared shifts for the site, you are also designating them as another adminstrator. Shared sites can have multiple administrators.


Shared Scheduler roles at a glance

From the Site Admin - My Sites page, you can see all of your sites and their sharing status.

Fisdap Shared Scheduler sites EMS education

Here's a key to what the different sharing symbols mean.

 - Member of a sharing network

 - Shared network exists (not in network or pending approval)

 - An administrator for a shared network


Schedule shared shifts

If you are the administrator of a shared network, your role enables you to schedule shared shifts. For shared sites, administrators will have the opportunity to automatically share the shifts they create at that site. Look for the Shared Scheduler Options box on the first page of the Add Shift form.

So, if you wish to make the shift available to other programs in this site's sharing network, be sure that sharing is turned to On.

You will automatically be sharing with everyone in the sharing network, but, if necessary, you can manage that list of programs.

Also, you can select which students (by certification level) can attend the shift. This setting will override any other signup permissions designated by other programs.