Portfolio – Students

Your student portfolio pulls together useful information about your compliance status, certifications, exam scores, and other aspects of your internship. You can also update your profile picture, add contact information, and upload documents in the student portfolio.

To view your portfolio, click the orange MyFisdap tab, then click the MyPortfolio link. Click the tabs along the side of the page to navigate within your portfolio.


Airway Management for Paramedic Students

In the fall of 2013, the CoAEMSP released their Airway Management Recommendation, which states that paramedic students should achieve 50 airway management attempts during their internship. 

Compliance for students

Understand Compliance

Compliance is a feature of the Fisdap Scheduler that allows your instructors to assign requirements to you, and track your progress as you complete each one. Requirements can be anything from immunizations, to training, to background checks and fingerprinting - basically anything your school needs to keep track of. Once requirements are assigned, you can see whether or not you are compliant to attend shifts by viewing your compliance status on the calendar.


Reports for students

Goals Report

To chart your progress, use the Goals Report. You can also see a great view of your Goals Report from the MyFisdap page.

To view the Goals Report:

Skills Tracker


To use the Skills Tracker, go to the Shifts tab and click on the Skills & Pt. Care link.

The Skills & Patient Care section of Fisdap is where you can document skills, patient encounters, and fill out skill sheets and evaluations.

Skills Tracker


The Skills & Patient Care section of Fisdap is where you and your students can document skills, patient encounters, and fill out skill sheets and evaluations.

The first page you will see is the Skills & Patient Care page. This page lists all of the students’ shifts and will grow to include the entire internship. The shift list is organized in chronological order, but you can always sort based on shift type (lab, clinical or field) or pending shifts.


Graduation Requirements Report

To chart your students' progress, use the Graduation Requirements Report. This report is your best view of how students are doing throughout the course.

To view the Graduation Requirements Report:


The Portfolio gathers information from different aspects of a student’s course, including exam scores, highlights from the Goals report, and overall competencies, into one central location. Depending on your account permissions, you can use the Portfolio to review and edit all important aspects of a student’s internship, export the information for final review, and store additional student documents as attachments.

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