Your student portfolio pulls together useful information about your compliance status, certifications, exam scores, and other aspects of your internship. You can also update your profile picture, add contact information, and upload documents in the student portfolio.

To view your portfolio, click the orange MyFisdap tab, then click the MyPortfolio link. Click the tabs along the side of the page to navigate within your portfolio.


Compliance Status

This section indicates whether you are currently in compliance, in progress toward compliance, or out of compliance for each requirement assigned by your instructor or program. It also tells you how many shift sites you are cleared to attend. To see which sites you are currently cleared to go to, click the See list button. The list of requirements can be found with additional details under the Requirements section.

For more details about upcoming and completed shifts, you can navigate to the Calendar and Shift requests tabs along the top of this section.

Please note that your ability to change or edit shifts depends on your permission settings, as well as your school's settings. For more information, contact your program director.


Overall Competency

This section gives you an overview of your progress towards completing all competencies required for graduation from your program. It includes an online version of the CoAEMSP Terminal Competency Form, which can be completed only by your program director and/or medical director.  

Students cannot mark a requirement complete, but you can check your progress by clicking the Details link for Practical Skills Sheets, Clinical Tracking Records, Field Internship Tracking Records, Affective Learning Domain Evaluations, and Student Counseling Forms, if applicable.

You can see and update your Card Course Certifications in this section. Enter the date you received a certification and the date it expires, if applicable, and click the Save button.

Lab Practice

Use this section to check which Lab Practice skills you have performed, and how many lab shifts and lab practice hours you have completed. The number of passes for each Practice Item and Scenario Topic Area reflects only peer-evaluated or instructor-evaluated passes you have accomplished, not self-evaluated skills.

To see a detailed report of all your Lab Practice skills, click the Lab Practice report link on the right; you can then click the PDF or CSV button to save a copy of the report, and click the Goals tab to view metrics on your progress toward Lab Goals and Graduation Requirements.

To see all your evaluations, click the Evals & Skill Sheets link under Complete Evaluation Archive; you can then choose exactly what type of evaluations you want to see and how you want the report output.

Internship Records

Use this section to view a summary of all skills that you have successfully performed or interpreted, organized by objective.

The Shifts area in the upper right displays a breakdown of your complete clinical hours, field hours, and lab practice hours. See more details on your shifts by clicking the Skills and Patient Care link.

The Progress area includes two reports for tracking your progress through the program. Click the Graduation Requirements report link for a detailed update on your progress toward each graduation requirement. Click the Skills Report link for details on your internship skills performance, including any skills you attempted and failed.

Affective Evaluations Tab

This section summarizes all affective evaluations performed by you, your instructors, and your peers, including the average score for each. The Attendance area provides a count of shifts for which you were marked tardy, absent, or absent with permission.

Click the Graduation Requirements report link to see a detailed report of your progress in meeting all skill, patient, and evaluation requirements. Click the Evals & Skill Sheets link under Complete Evaluation Archive to open this category of the Reports tab, where you can see all your available evaluations.


Attachments and Export

Use this section to upload attachments from your computer to your portfolio. You and all instructors with your program will have access to view the uploaded files at any time. Please note that uploaded documents will not be included with the rest of the portfolio when exported.

Attachments are intended for use within the portfolio only. This feature provides a convenient location to store documents related to your progress, such as PDFs, Word documents, and images.

To attach a file, click the Choose file button, navigate to the desired file on your computer, then click Open in the dialog box. Type a description if you wish in the Description box, then click the Upload button. Note that you cannot change the filename of an attachment from within Fisdap. Filenames will need to be changed using your computer's file management system, and then uploaded to Fisdap.

Once a document is attached to your portfolio, it is listed on the Attachments and Export page. To view any attachment, click the filename in the list. A copy will be downloaded to your computer and the document will open.


Export Options

Use this section to export some or all available Portfolio materials into a single PDF. To generate the PDF, first click all desired checkboxes to include the related materials, such as your About page, Compliance status, Exams, and Learning Prescriptions.

After you make your selections, click the Get PDF button. All selected materials will be combined in a single PDF, with an area on the last page for a Medical Director and Program Director to add their signatures after review.


Portfolio Permissions

Students have permission to edit the data in their own portfolio, including the card course certifications found on the Overall Competency form.
Instructor accounts must have "View all data" permission in order to view student portfolios and must have the "Edit portfolio" permission to change any data.

Additional restrictions may be set by your institution. For more information, contact your program director.


Add Your Own Picture to the Portfolio

Fisdap uses a popular third party avatar service called Gravatar to display profile pictures.  Fisdap will automatically display your Gravatar picture if your Fisdap email address and Gravatar email address match.

To add your picture, click the Edit Image link in the About section of your portfolio. 

To set up or change a Gravatar image:

  1. Navigate to the Gravatar home page by clicking here.
  2. For a new Gravatar account, click sign up for free.  To edit an existing account, login with your email address (which should be the same as your Fisdap accoun​t).
  3. Select an image or upload your own image using Gravatar's image upload tool.