To use the Skills Tracker, go to the Shifts tab and click on the Skills & Pt. Care link.

The Skills & Patient Care section of Fisdap is where you can document skills, patient encounters, and fill out skill sheets and evaluations.

This Skills & Patient Care page lists all of your shifts and will grow to include your entire internship. The shift list is organized in chronological order, but you can always sort based on shift type (lab, clinical or field) or pending shifts.

At a glance, the shift list page will tell you how many patient contacts have been entered (and, eventually, when shifts have been completed and if you have any comments). If you scroll down to the bottom of the shift list page, you’ll see a snapshot of your hours report, patient care report, and attendance report.


Shift List

At a glance, the shift list page will tell you how many patient contacts have been entered (and, eventually, when shifts have been completed and if you have any comments). If you scroll down to the bottom of the shift list page, you’ll see a snapshot of your hours report, patient care report, and attendance report.

If you’re looking at a blank shift list on the Skills & Patient Care page, there are a few first steps you can take:

  • Watch the tutorial to familiarize yourself with how the Skills Tracker works. The video will cover much of the same information included here.
  • Add a shift. Look for the Add shift buttons at the top of the page. Tell Fisdap where, when and how long your shift is so that you can proceed to document what you did on the shift. Some students do not have permission to add shifts to the calendar… in which case you should…
  • Choose an available shift to sign up for in the Schedule. Available shifts are shown with a green door. Once you sign up for a shift, it will also appear on the main shift list page.

Shift List Tutorial

Shift List Tutorial from Fisdap on Vimeo.


My Shift page

Once you have shifts added or scheduled, you can begin documenting data for the shift. You will only be able to add data for a shift that has already occurred.

  1. From the main Skills & Patient Care page, choose the shift you want to update with your patient care documentation.
  2. Click anywhere in the shift row to advance to the My Shift page.

From the My Shift page, you can do a number of different tasks.

  • Make sure all the information about the where, when, and how long about your shift is accurate.
    • Click the Edit link if any of the information needs to be updated.
    • If you have not yet gone on the shift, you can use the Map it tool to get directions to your shift.
  • Lock the shift, but only once all your information is complete because this action cannot be reversed without an instructor's help.
  • Click on the View the Detailed Shift Report link to see a summary of all the data entered for the shift.
  • Add a run for a field shift or a patient assessment for a lab or clinical shift.
  • Utilize the Quick Added Skills form (for clinical and lab shifts only). With Quick Added Skills, it is very easy to document the skills you practiced in the lab. And if you’re on a clinical shift where you did not perform any patient assessments, you can simply quick add skills you did perform instead. With Quick Added Skills, you will also be able to mark if the skill was successful as well as quickly duplicate skill entries.
  • Enter an evaluation to assess your shift. You can complete one of our standard evaluations, such as a preceptor evaluation, self-evaluation, or site evaluation.



Skills & Patient Care documentation

If you had any patient contacts on the shift, you should click on the Add Assessment/Scenario/Run button.

Fisdap cheat sheet:

Clinical = Assessments

Lab = Scenarios

Field = Runs


You are on the Patient Care page, marked with the #1 circle.

Fill out this page and click the Next>> link at the bottom to advance to the narrative or preceptor sign off page.

For the patient care form, here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • All data is automatically saved as you type to minimize any data loss if you get interrupted.
  • Check boxes mean you can choose more than one option.
  • Circular (radio) buttons mean you can choose only one of the presented options.
  • You only need to enter information that’s required or pertinent to your patient care report. Be thorough and complete, but you may skip non-required information.
  • The diamond Diamond icon identifies sections where you can earn credit towards your NSC goals.
  • Wherever you see the evaluation symbol Evaluation icon, you have the option to enter an eval about that particular skill or patient assessment.
  • In the Vitals and Interventions section, you can click on any of the tabs to add information.
    • Be sure to check the I performed this treatment box to indicate if you performed the skill or intervention so that you get proper credit for it.
    • Use the duplicate tool Duplicate tool icon to quickly add identical vitals or treatments.
    • If you delete something (Delete icon), you will have the immediate option to undo. If you do not click undo, the deletions will be permanent.
    • Use the drag and drop feature to rearrange the interventions in their correct order.


Lab Shift Tutorial

Lab Shift Tutorial from Fisdap on Youtube.


Clinical Shift Tutorial

Clinical Shift Tutorial from Fisdap on Vimeo.


Field Shift Tutorial

Field Shift Tutorial from Fisdap on Vimeo.



You can fill out many evals (short for "evaluation") for each of your shifts. Fisdap provides evaluation forms for team lead, preceptors, and sites. Evals serve as a way for you to give a qualitative assessment of your shift.

Also, particularly in the lab environment, you can fill out evals for all the NREMT skill sheets. In other words, online documentation for all the skill stations you practice in the lab.

To fill out an eval:

  1. Go to the Shift Evalutation section of your My Shift page.
  2. Select the eval you want to enter.
  3. The eval will pop up in a new window.
  4. Complete the eval as directed and save by clicking Submit and close.
    • If you want to fill out another eval just like the one you finished, you can select Submit and start new.



If your school requires Narratives, go ahead and finish typing yours in to complete your run or shift report. Your instructor can give you better instructions about how much detail they're expecting from you in the narrative section.


Preceptor sign off

Fisdap offers electronic preceptor sign off. This tool gives your preceptors the opportunity to verify the shift and patient information as well as provide a quick evaluation. You can also complete a self-evaluation. Your preceptor will receive directions from your instructors about how to sign off, but you can expect that the preceptor will either type in their unique Fisdap username and password or give their electronic signature.


Lock Shifts

To signal that you’re finished documenting information for your shift, click on the Lock Shift button one of two places.

1. Lock a shift from the Detailed Shift Report, which you can get to by clicking on the Review shift documentation link on the bottom of the final page of your patient care documentation.

2. Lock a shift from the My Shift page, which you can get or return to from the main Skills & Patient Care shift list page.

Once you lock a shift, you cannot change any of the information. However, until you lock a shift, you will not receive credit for it.

Locked shifts will be marked with a lock symbol Lock icon on your main shift list page.


Late Data

Each program has the option to customize their late data settings, so your school may be different, but many schools use the Fisdap-recommended 72 hour deadline for shift data entry. Fisdap will send a reminder 24 hours before your shift data is due. We will aslo send you a warning notification once your shift data deadline has passed and your data is considered late. Your instructors will also be notified.

To guarantee you get your shift data completed on time, be sure to lock your shift when you are finished entering all the information.


Lab Practice

Lab practice items are preset by your program.  Your instructors will determine which skills they’d like you to practice in the Lab, and how many peer and instructor checkoffs you need.  You can view your goals from the Lab goals widget, which is found at the top of every Lab Shift page and the MyFisdap Dashboard.

To add a Lab Practice item, click the +Lab Practice Item button.