Why Pilot Testing?

Pilot testing is an essential step in the test development process, and a step that we cannot do alone.

Depending on where we are in the test development cycle, we may be hosting pilot testing.

Every Fisdap exam is written and reviewed by multiple subject matter experts around the nation.  Additionally, our MD reviews each test question for medical accuracy.  In this development stage, we ensure that all of our exams are VALID.

We then pilot test all our exams to measure how RELIABLE the exams are in determining competency. Using Item Response Theory, we make sure that high-performing students identify the correct answer, and, similarly, that low-performing students cannot guess the correct answer. In other words, we analyze and confirm that the exam functions well as an assessment tool.

During the pilot testing phase, we invite and encourage members of the Fisdap community to take our exams—always for FREE. All we ask is that pilot testers agree and adhere to our pilot testing policies.


Pilot Testing participation conditions:

  1. offer the Fisdap pilot test at the end of their course in addition to the final exam.
  2. monitor the exam in a proctored, closed-book environment, and help us maintain the security of the exam.
  3. report students' National Registry cognitive exam results to Fisdap.
  4. agree not to penalize students based on the results of the pilot test.

Once we've established that the exam is VALID and RELIABLE, we use students' reported NREMT results to determine how PREDICTIVE the exam is of success on the NREMT. For all current Fisdap comprehensive exams, if a student passes, the likelihood that he or she will pass the NREMT Cognitive Exam exceeds 95%.

To administer a pilot test, go to the Learning Center tab to schedule the pilot test—just as you would for a comprehensive exam. Special for pilot exams, students can participate in pilot testing even if they don't have paid access to Fisdap Testing.


Pilot Testing Account

If you want your students to take a pilot test, but they do not yet have Fisdap Accounts, contact Fisdap support at 651-690-9241 and they will help you set up Accounts for your students to take the Pilot Test.


Administering a Pilot Test

Once you have your students scheduled for a Pilot Exam, they should log into their Fisdap account and then navigate directly to pilottesting.fisdap.net.