Fisdap programmers return to their alma mater to talk about working in software developmentBy Kate Hanson

September 23, 2013

It may come as a surprise to some of our readers to learn that of the six developers currently working for Fisdap, three of us graduated from the same small liberal arts college in central Iowa. I graduated from Grinnell College in the spring of 2000 with a BA in Technical Theatre. Sam Tape and Scott McIntyre both graduated in 2009 with Computer Science degrees.

This fall Grinnell is offering a course entitled "Learning From CS Alumni," where alums are invited to tell their stories and give advice about working in careers related to computer science, and the Fisdap Grinnellians were invited to speak. So last Thursday, Sam, Scott and I drove down to our Alma Mater.

As part of the course, each student must serve as primary contact for a returning alum. The contacts for our talk, Chike Abuah and Erik Opavsky, had let us know that the talk would be a pretty informal one, with plenty of time for questions from the students and an emphasis on our own personal journeys.

CoAEMSP Airway Management Recommendation reflected in FisdapBy Rachael Rosen

August 16, 2013

For the most up-to-date information on Airway Management news, please refer to our latest blog post:

In accordance with the CoAEMSP’s recommendations for demonstrating competency with airway management, we have made an update to Fisdap’s Skills Tracker. We added a new checkbox field under Patient Assessment that asks students to indicate if they have “successfully managed the patient’s airway.”

Although we were already tracking airway skills and interventions, and whether the students performed or observed those skills, there was no clear way to know if the student successfully managed the patient airway.

This need for an update was first brought to our attention when the CoAEMSP released a recommendation that students obtain 50 airway attempts during their paramedic internship. And recently, the CoAEMSP sent out an email newsletter announcing a webinar on this topic with Dr. Murray Kalish and Gordy Kokx on September 11, 2013.

Welcome to Fisdap’s new blog! By Rachael Rosen

August 15, 2013

Before the blog, we were primarily posting announcements (read about this Fisdap software update, join us for this webinar) but we wanted to create a space for articles--not just announcements. Our blog posts will give greater context to what we’re doing and why. We also want a home for content that will hopefully feel fresh and relevant to you about topics in EMS education.

We’ve added a Comments section to each post because we want to hear from you and want to give you a place to engage with others. You can login to leave comments through third party platforms, such as Google and Facebook.

Attend an upcoming NAEMSE/CoAEMSP Accreditation & Student Competency workshopBy Rachael Rosen

May 29, 2013

We heard really great feedback from the first workshop in Dallas--we encourage you to check out this new workshop series.

The next workshop is June 25-27 in Los Angeles, CA.

The 3-day, co-sponsored sessions have been designed to update the new paramedic program director (and others) on the CAAHEP accreditation process and to assist instructors in appropriately evaluating students in all domains while complying with CAAHEP accreditation standards.

The flyers, including a registration form, are attached below.

Changes from "Goals" to "Graduation Requirements" with a message from the CoAEMSPBy Rachael Rosen

April 15, 2013

Fisdap recently renamed our Goals Report to the Graduation Requirements/Goals Report to help make the distinction between "goals" and "requirements."


We have used the term "goals" to refer to the number of skills or patient contacts students should obtain during their internship. However, the word "goal" does not imply or mean the same thing as "requirement" and we changed the language to reflect the standard that student performance should be tracked against what a program's requirements are for successful completion of the program, i.e. graduation.

For now, since the Goals Report will continue to function the same, we have kept the word "goals" in the name of the report so that people who are accustomed to finding the Goals Report will not be confused. Also, programs can set benchmark goals to measure student progress throughout different phases of the internship, in addition to and separately from, the program's graduation requirements. 

Fisdap recently renamed our Goals Report to the Graduation Requirements/Goals Report to help make the distinction between "goals" and "requirements."

Just in time for the end of the semester--introducing the AEMT examBy Rachael Rosen

April 8, 2013

We are excited to announce the release of the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) exam for pilot testing.This exam has gone through Fisdap’s content validation phase and is now ready for your students’ attempts.

Your participation is critical to validating the reliability of this exam, so pilot tests are free for your students. You can schedule this exam in the Test Scheduler tool -- look at the bottom of the test drop down menu options for “Pilot Exams.”

This new comprehensive exam reflects the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines and the new Education Standards. The exam contains 200 multiple choice items and covers the 6 content areas: Airway, Cardiology, EMS Operations, Medical Emergencies, Trauma, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics. The exam contains 85% adult items and 15% pediatric items.

Participation in pilot testing will give additional critical thinking item exposure to your students in preparation for their comprehensive exam, but no scores or Learning Prescriptions are provided.

We are excited to announce the release of the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) exam for pilot testing.

Get a free pass to visit the exhibit hall at EMS Today in Washington, DCBy Rachael Rosen

February 20, 2013

Email Rachael at rrosen [at] fisdap [dot] net for a form to get your free pass!


New version of Lab Skills Tracker now liveBy Rachael Rosen

January 28, 2013

Check out our Lab Skills info page for more information about the changes and how it works.

Happy Holidays!By Rachael Rosen

December 21, 2012

The Fisdap office will be closed Christmas Day, Tuesday, December 25th and New Year's Day, Tuesday, January 1st. 

Wishing everyone a safe and warm holiday season!

Fisdap is proud to announce that we have been awarded Organizational Accreditation by CECBEMSBy Rachael Rosen

December 19, 2012

More news about what we'll be able to offer the EMS education community to follow!

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