Test Item Analysis Report

Thu, 06/26/2014 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm

If you use Fisdap Testing in your paramedic program, it’s important to understand the accreditation requirements pertaining to exams. From the CoAEMSP Site Visitor Manual:

24. Who writes the exams? Who reviews the items and the exams? How often are they revised? How are revisions documented? Do you do an item analysis including difficulty index and point biserial (ORRBPI)?

Any instructor can write and submit test items to Fisdap. We offer rewards points that can be redeemed for discounts on our Testing products for each item submitted. Fisdap hosts twice weekly review sessions where instructors call in and participate in the item and exam review process (also earning rewards points). Item revisions happen during the review sessions, and exam revisions occur when our item analysis indicates our exams have items that need recalibration.

Item analysis has always been available upon request. In our effort to help paramedic programs meet accreditation requirements, we’ve created a new report you can run anytime: the Test Item Analysis Report!

Using the report is easy, but unless you’re trained as a statistician, understanding the results will require a bit of help. That’s where Luke Stanke comes in. Join us later this month for a webinar featuring Fisdap’s psychometrician, Luke Stanke, PhD(c), who will walk us through the new report.