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Fisdap Study Tools online EMS educationIt’s no secret that the certification exams EMT and paramedic students face are challenging. In 2009, only 66% of EMT and 71% of paramedic students passed the NREMT on their first attempt.  To be successful, students need a solid foundation of knowledge as well as advanced critical thinking skills.

And with practice and exposure to Fisdap's challenging tests and quizzes, students can build the knowledge and confidence that they have what it takes to pass.

Along came Study Tools

We made Fisdap Study Tools to help. Study Tools gives students the freedom of independent study. Different from Fisdap Testing, the comprehensive practice exam in Study Tools does not have to be scheduled or proctored by you. Students take the exam on their own time.

Our practice exam has 200 multiple choice questions written by many of the subject matter experts who also write for the NREMT. It’s full of questions that will test your students’ critical thinking skills – skills that are essential to passing the certification exam.

A Research Geek says:

Critical thinking skills are very important. A study found that students’ ability to answer Fisdap’s critical thinking questions better predicts the likelihood that they will pass the NREMT certification exam than their ability to answer knowledge/recall questions.

In fact, for every one critical thinking question a student answers correctly, the odds that she will pass the NREMT certification exam increases 15%.1

Another study showed that more than 97% of students who pass our exam will pass the NREMT on their first attempt.2

1. Paramedic Student Internship Experience, Critical Thinking, and NREMTCE Success--Phase 2
2. Online Summative Paramedic Exam Abstract

Study Tools is much more than a practice exam.


Study tools EMS practice exam online EMT test prep

Practice quizzes Each unit quiz can be taken up to ten times and students receive instant feedback.

Learning Prescription Our personalized custom study plan helps students focus only on the topics where they need the most work.

Podcasts Students can listen to entertaining and educational podcasts such as Advice on Job Hunting and Cardiac Medical Emergencies.

Virtual Skill Demonstrations Interactive, multi-angle views of BLS skills like spinal immobilization and bleeding and shock management. See it in action!