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As EMS responders, we witness life events that are both tragic and inspiring. Our experiences reveal the strength of the human spirit and motivate us to achieve greater heights.

Open Airways is a project to collect and record an oral, EMS history. In an ongoing series of podcasts, EMS providers share their most meaningful cases -- sometimes with humor and always with compassion. We hope these stories will improve our practice and inspire a new generation of caregivers.

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Authority Gradient

June 27, 2011
"I recognize that it's an incorrect dose in my head. But I just think kinda, 'Huh. That's weird. Maybe the dose I remember's not correct. 'Cause surely this guy that's been doing this so long can't get this wrong.'" Paramedic instructor Jamie Kennel tells a story that demonstrates the power of perceived authority.
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Wrong Way

June 13, 2011
"I believe at that time it was probably at least the fifteenth fatal accident that I had been to. But the first one that involved kids. And, you know, it certainly changed things." Paramedic educator Rick Anderson talks about the first call that ever really affected him and how he dealt with it.
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The Lesson of the Small Hole

May 30, 2011
"Stay motivated, and just keep focused on your goal. 'Cause often times we make a difference and people don't really know it." EMS educator Steve Kanarian shares stories and advice from his time as a paramedic.
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May 16, 2011
"You can have three patients with congestive heart failure whose vital signs may be wildly different and whose management strategies are also going to change because of that presentation." In this podcast, EMS educator William Pitt dispels some of the complexity associated with congestive heart failure by differentiating the various presentations.
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So Much With So Little

May 2, 2011
"They saw us coming through the village and unloading supplies, and before we could even begin to unpack our boxes we had a line of hundreds of people looking for medical treatment." David Violante and Sean Kivlehan have worked as paramedics all over the world. In this podcast, they relate some of their experiences working abroad and some of the lessons they've brought home.
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