Open Airways

As EMS responders, we witness life events that are both tragic and inspiring. Our experiences reveal the strength of the human spirit and motivate us to achieve greater heights.

Open Airways is a project to collect and record an oral, EMS history. In an ongoing series of podcasts, EMS providers share their most meaningful cases -- sometimes with humor and always with compassion. We hope these stories will improve our practice and inspire a new generation of caregivers.

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His Lucky Day

October 4, 2010
"The bleeding, swelling had gone down enough for him to actually start firing synapses again. He says, 'I just woke up and I went, Wow! I think I hit a moose!'" EMS professional Wilma Vinton tells FISDAP's Sam Tape about the miraculous survival of a patient who hit a moose while riding his motorcycle on a remote Alaska road.
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Ride It 'Til It Dies

September 27, 2010
"I go, 'Where are you guys going?' And they're looking at me, they're like, 'He's waving us in.' I go, 'He's waving you in? He's got his gun out! I don't care, that's not, that doesn't count. Those are two contradictory gestures there.'" Los Angeles Paramedic Ricky Battle tells a story that emphasizes the need to speak up and voice your opinion.
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The Jeanette Experience

September 20, 2010
"Jeanette and I tried to find a happy medium. And sometimes we didn't find the happy medium and she would be upset with me and I would be upset with the attitude. ... So at one point I decided that there has to be a way to communicate and get along better." EMS educator Lynda Goerisch shares with FISDAP's Sam Tape some of the insights she gained while she was a nursing assistant caring for a particularly difficult elderly patient.
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Divine Intervention

September 6, 2010
"They look down at the EKG and they notice that just at the point where the patient got spontaneous pulses back on the monitor there was what appeared to be something they've never seen before..." EMS educator Arnold Alier shares the amazing story of an arrest call received by some of the medics in his service. Click here to view the ECG strip Arnold describes in the podcast; this is a story you've got to see to believe!
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It's Not There Just to Look Pretty

August 30, 2010
"No matter what publisher you use, the textbooks are designed with features that your students really don't know unless you show them." Program director Allen Dalrymple goes over some of the basic features that will help students get the most from their EMT textbooks.
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