Open Airways

As EMS responders, we witness life events that are both tragic and inspiring. Our experiences reveal the strength of the human spirit and motivate us to achieve greater heights.

Open Airways is a project to collect and record an oral, EMS history. In an ongoing series of podcasts, EMS providers share their most meaningful cases -- sometimes with humor and always with compassion. We hope these stories will improve our practice and inspire a new generation of caregivers.

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Basic to Most Advanced

August 23, 2010
"She was a very large woman - actually to the limits of the helicopter - and needed to be intubated. And we knew immediately that we were gonna have great difficulty with this person." In this podcast, Steve Cotter uses a real-life example to talk through some of the critical thinking aspects of airway management.
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Repeat Customer

August 16, 2010
"We walked into the living room and he comes walking out of her bedroom and says, 'It looks like she's hemorrhaging.' Well, we was kinda' confused about that." After paramedic Shane Dingus was called to the same address for the second time during the same shift, he thought he knew what to expect. But he learned that you should never get complacent about "regulars."
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The Mouse That Roared

August 9, 2010
"I really got very interested in academic medicine. But at this time there really wasn't any academic EMS ... And I was learning so much about shock and resuscitation that I thought was so applicable to my work in the field as an EMT and medic at that point in Pinellas County, Florida. But there really wasn't anybody to talk to about it." Mic Gunderson shares the story of the first peer-reviewed journal in EMS.
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Common Ground

August 2, 2010
"I was working an evening cruise, and of course it is not unusual when you have a dinner cruise to have not only food but lots of alcohol present on board. I was called for an approximately 45 year old male who was admitting to at least a half-dozen alcoholic beverages..." Paramedic Mike Rubin describes how he cared for an intoxicated Swedish ex-con while working on a riverboat cruise.
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A Pretty Horrific Thing

July 26, 2010
"They said, 'Steve, what do we do?' I said, 'Shove a backboard under me, load me up on the gurney and get me out of here.'" Paramedic and EMS educator Steve Atkinson shares the incredible story of how he basically led his own trauma call after being hit by a train.
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