Psychomotor Package

November 23, 2011

David Page stopped by to discuss the NREMT Psychomotor pilot and its implications for your program.

Ask Me Anything

October 11, 2011

Genghis and Mike, the customer support front line, answer questions from the Fisdap community.

Test Writing 201

June 28, 2011
This webinar features a more in depth look at Testing, including an explanation of cut scores by our psychometrician, Nate Thompson.


May 18, 2011
This webinar discusses all of the different reports FISDAP offers for checking up on your students' progress and making sure they are getting credit for the data they are entering into our system.

Test Writing 101

April 18, 2011
Test writing is a difficult skill, and it’s one that takes practice.  This webinar focuses on some of the basics: types of test questions, common threats to test item validity, and resources to have on your team.

Call yourself computer illiterate? Welcome to the web!

March 24, 2011
For anyone who calls himself "computer illiterate," Louise and Ben's crash course explains how to navigate the web, and by extension, FISDAP.

Save my Bacon! How FISDAP can help with Accreditation

February 23, 2011
In this webinar, David Page and Genghis Philip just begin to scratch the surface on the many ways in which FISDAP can help you prepare for accreditation.

Best Practices - What The FISDAP Evidence Says

January 17, 2011
In January 2011, David Page hosted a webinar to discuss past research and how to incorporate FISDAP research results in your classroom.