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A Bright Future

February 1, 2009
"It's a fun time to be in EMS because there's a lot of things coming to the forefront and a lot of excitement to the ideas that are out there. ... As we mature as a field, and as professionals and providers and educators I think, you know, we've got a bright future, if we do it right." Gordy Kokx talks with Charlie Soucheray about some new developments in EMS education, including accreditation, national certification levels, computer-adaptive testing and degrees for paramedics.
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Bike Team

February 1, 2009
"Well you know what I thought. I'm thinking to myself, 'I have to beat that ambulance to the scene. No matter what I do, I have to smoke 'em.'" In this podcast, firefighter, paramedic and IPMBA member Jim Bowell recalls some memorable calls from his time as a bike paramedic.
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Challenged to Change

February 1, 2009
"The thing that really strikes me about EMS is that we are not yet a profession, but we can certainly be professional at what we do." David Lynch gives Charlie Soucheray his take on the current state of EMS, as well as some ideas on how it might grow as a profession.
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Cricoid Pressure

February 1, 2009
In this podcast, Scott Snyder will "set the record straight" on cricoid pressure, explaining "what does it do, why do we do it, when do we do it, and other things that we can do besides cricoid pressure to help achieve certain goals." Scott and Charlie also discuss how and when to perform direct laryngeal manipulation.
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Educators, Please Update 2008 Student DataBy Rachael Rosen

January 20, 2009

On February 7th and 8th, educators from around the country will convene for the 2009 Prehospital Care Research Summit, an annual event during which participants use FISDAP data to conduct critical EMS educational research. They need your help! Please take some time to update your student records before February 3rd. You should:

  1. Audit student data - If you have randomly audited ten percent of a student's data, go to the Admin section of FISDAP and click the "Grad Status" button to indicate that the student has "good data" for research.
  2. Set each student's graduation status - Go to the Admin section of FISDAP and click the "Grad Status" button. Indicate which students have graduated, completed the program but failed to graduate, or left the program.
  3. Enter your students' National Registry results - To archive your students'National Registry cognitive and practical exam scores, go to the Admin section of FISDAP and click the "Testing" button. Click the "Report Registry Scores" tab and follow the prompts to enter your students' results.

New Airway Added: KING LTBy Rachael Rosen

January 5, 2009

Several regions throughout the U.S. have been using the KING LT airway, so we have added it to the list of airways in the Skills Tracker. If you would like to see other skills or procedures added, please let us know.

Instructors, Earn Discounted FISDAP Testing for Your Students

FISDAP needs cardiology multiple-choice questions for our next EMT-Basic exam. This is an opportunity for you to earn FISDAP Rewards points for your program. For every test question that you submit, you will earn two FISDAP Rewards points. For each question that is approved by peer review, you will receive an additional four points! To view your current FISDAP Rewards status, go to the MyFISDAP page, and click the thermometer icon.

Customer Service

January 1, 2009
"I believe one essence of what we do in modern emergency care is we serve people. And it's not just work with tubes and IV lines and other things. It's taking care of people." In this episode, Jim Augustine describes a tragic bus accident and the complex recovery plan that followed, illustrating why such recovery efforts are a vital part of emergency care.
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Male Injury

January 1, 2009
"What I see was a mix of emotions all in one. It was very hilarious internally. It was very painful to look at. And very shocking, all at the same time." Chad Pore takes a look at "the other side" of the EMS profession as he remembers a male patient who had gotten himself into an embarrassing and painful situation.
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