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Be Consistent

September 1, 2008
"We got to the ambulance thinking it was going to be a typical sick person trip to the hospital. We went ahead and started the typical procedure ... we put her on the monitor. And the monitor showed a sinus rhythm. Well, sinus, but about 210. It went up to 250 as we were sitting there watching." George Perry discusses the importance of using consistent procedures during patient care and communication with the hospital.
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Children and Meth

September 1, 2008
"Do you as an EMS provider know how to take care of these kids [who are taken out of meth houses]? Do you know what they need? Do you know how to support their psychological, emotional and physical needs?" Dawn Bidwell reminds us about this important but overlooked aspect of EMS care.
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Regularly Irregular

September 1, 2008
Do you know what a regularly irregular pulse indicates? Scott Snyder shares a trick with Charle Soucheray that can help paramedic students "amaze their friends and stupefy their paramedic preceptors!"
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The Most Craziest Run

September 1, 2008
"My partner Tom and I had gotten a call to a patient who was suffering from a stroke..." This ordinary beginning led to a chaotic night! Click below to hear Dave Long share his "most craziest run."
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Distracting Injuries

August 1, 2008
"[T]hey never followed up on why I passed out. I think they either assumed that I fell or tripped or whatever, but it never occurred to them to really look past that." EMS instructor Nanci learned firsthand the importance of looking past distracting injuries when she became a patient herself. Click below to listen to her story.
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Imminent Birth

August 1, 2008
"My partner comes in and says, 'Oh, what happened?' And I said, 'Ah, it looks like we had a baby, huh?'" Click below to hear the whole story, as Robert Linnell describes "the mixed feelings and joy of delivering a baby in the field."
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Lessons Learned on the Way

August 1, 2008
"Probably the first, most important lesson I ever learned was that you can be nice and then rude, but you can't be rude and then nice." Click below to hear Bruce Nepon and Charlie discuss more strategies for lengthening your professional lifespan.
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The Big Picture

August 1, 2008
"When I walked by this guy this time he was a totally different guy. ... [He] looked uncomfortable as compared to being the cool, calm and collected talkative guy that we saw and dropped off twenty minutes earlier ... I said that is not the same guy we saw twenty minutes ago. Something's not right here." In this episode, Bruce Evans talks to Charlie about a call that demonstrates the importance of careful assessment.
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