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Lessons Learned on the Way

August 1, 2008
"Probably the first, most important lesson I ever learned was that you can be nice and then rude, but you can't be rude and then nice." Click below to hear Bruce Nepon and Charlie discuss more strategies for lengthening your professional lifespan.
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The Big Picture

August 1, 2008
"When I walked by this guy this time he was a totally different guy. ... [He] looked uncomfortable as compared to being the cool, calm and collected talkative guy that we saw and dropped off twenty minutes earlier ... I said that is not the same guy we saw twenty minutes ago. Something's not right here." In this episode, Bruce Evans talks to Charlie about a call that demonstrates the importance of careful assessment.
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Two New FISDAP FeaturesBy Rachael Rosen

July 23, 2008

New Instructor Permission: Enter Evals

Many of you are using FISDAP Evals, online forms that include everything from NREMT skill sheets to preceptor evalutions. Previously, instructors who wanted to fill out Evals needed permission to "Edit Data." Now you can use the new "Enter Evals" permission to give preceptors and instructors the ability to enter and manage Evals -- even if they are not permitted to edit student data. Instructors who are able to edit data will still be able to enter and manage Evals.

Instructors Can Control Students' Ability to Mark Shifts as "Absent with Permission"

Between Two Vehicles

July 1, 2008
"I was working on the ambulance and we had just run an errand... when we came across a traffic collision that appeared to have just happened." Click below to hear the rest of Dilanga's story!
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History of LA EMS

July 1, 2008
"The history of Los Angeles EMS is really pretty unique ... it started with two cardiologists..." Listen as Baxter Larmon gives a brief history of EMS in Southern California, including an overview of the Daniel Freeman Paramedic school at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
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Vital Signs

July 1, 2008
"So I'll ask students, think about this for a minute ... Which of those three vital signs - blood pressure, pulse or respirations - provides you with the most amount of information about your patient with the least amount of effort?" In this episode, Chris LeBaudour and Charlie take a closer look at this important topic.
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Listen to EMS podcasts at Open AirwaysBy Rachael Rosen

June 23, 2008

Open Airways

FISDAP and EMS are proud to announce Open Airways, a project to capture an oral history for the benefit of the EMS Community. EMS responders share some of the most meaningful cases of their careers, sometimes with humor and always with compassion. We hope that these stories will improve EMS practice and inspire a new generation of caregivers. Visit Open Airways to start listening now!

FISDAP Testing is Announced as one of JEMS' 2008 Hot ProductsBy Rachael Rosen

June 10, 2008
Have you opened your newest copy of JEMS yet? On page 43 of the June 2008 issue, you'll notice that FISDAP Testing is listed as one of the new "Hot Products."

I'll confess that I did a little happy dance when I saw the article, and I hope that you are doing one, too. Your skill and commitment to the FISDAP Community has made FISDAP Testing a success. So, thank you. Thanks to all of the instructors who labored over test items, to the instructors that provided insightful reviews (working into the wee hours of the morning), to the thousands of students that pilot-tested our exams, and thanks to everyone who patiently contributed to this process. I hope that you take a few minutes to feel pride for what you have built.

To learn more about FISDAP Testing and ways to become involved, click the "Testing" link in the menu left of this page.

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