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Circle of Life

June 1, 2008
"This kinda comes full circle ... [M]y particular skills and abilities that come with the humanistic piece - and again realizing that they're people, and they're not just "chest pain" or "an auto-ped" - comes from a flight nurse who instilled that on me. ... And here ten or fifteen years later that seed gets planted in somebody else and it continues the tradition." Click below to listen as Bruce Evans tells Charlie about how a routine call changed a woman's life.
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Snowmobiler vs. Tree

June 1, 2008
"Moments later a snowmobile zoomed up to the side of the ambulance and motioned for me to get on the back." Listen to the story below to hear what happened when Greg Friese got on the back of that snowmobile.
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New "Student List" ReportBy Rachael Rosen

May 30, 2008

Instructors, next time you visit the Reports section of FISDAP, you will see a new "Student List" report under the "Other Reports" tab. The Student List report displays your choice of contact, emergency contact, graduation, and email information. Like most of our reports, the Student List can easily be converted to a pdf for easy printing or a tsv file for use in spreadsheet software, like Excel.

Students Can View FISDAP Test Results Online

Instructors, when you schedule a test, you will be able to choose whether students can see their results online. If you allow students to see their results, they will be able to log into FISDAP, go the the "Admin" section, and click the "Testing" button to view their scores as soon as the exam is complete. Learning Prescriptions are also released to the students.

You can release the results for any previously scheduled exam from the "Scores" page. There, you will see an option to "Publish Scores." If you have a question about this or any other feature please send an email to support [at] fisdap [dot] net, or call 651.690.9241.

CA Bay Area Instructors: Free Test Writing Workshop!By Rachael Rosen

May 15, 2008

The National College of Technical Instruction (NCTI), FISDAP, and David Page of Inver Hills Community College invite all EMS instructors to join them for an Item Writing Workshop in June. In this workshop, you will develop skills to:

  • write better exams and quizzes for your students.
  • review your test items for accuracy and validity.
  • prepare your students for the NREMT Cognitive Exam.

You will also learn how:

  • criterion-based exams like the National Registry are written.
  • FISDAP's valid, reliable, and predictive exams are developed.
  • your students can get discounted or free access to FISDAP Testing.

This FREE one-day workshop will take place from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on Tuesday, June 10th, 2008, at NCTI's Roseville Campus. Contact Sarah at sdesombre [at] fisdap [dot] net to reserve your spot for this exciting event!

FISDAP Test Writing Workshop

8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

A Snowy Day in New York

May 1, 2008
"It was kind of a forgone conclusion that the first chance I could get I would join the fire department. I joined right after my 16th birthday which was at the end of October and I was voted in at the first meeting that they had in November. And anybody that's been in central New York anytime after Labor Day--you can pretty much guarantee that you're gonna see some snow." Click below to listen to the story of Tim Perkins' first EMS call on that snowy day.
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Somebody Somewhere Loves Them

May 1, 2008
"We got called up in the middle of the night one night for a car that had literally wrecked a telephone pole. You hear these things, but I had never seen one." Click below to listen to the rest of this story from Cynthia Bullard about a call that particularly affected her.
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Life of an EMT

May 1, 2008
"We're there not to do any further harm, we're there for them to have a safe trip to the hospital, we're there to help them feel a little better if we can... The ultimate goal is the patient care." In this episode, Karen Bresson and Jack Mangin talk about some of their calls, how to listen to patients, how to deal with difficult partners, and other aspects of EMS life.
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A Master Disaster

April 1, 2008
"We arrived on scene and it was very chaotic. People were running out of the building holding one another up, very similar to the WMD training videos..." Click below to listen to the rest of this story from David Jaslow and Matthew Butler, plus an extra bonus story about a dog.
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