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The Chain of Survival Worked

April 1, 2008
"One evening while I was teaching advanced cardiovascular life support at the college, we were just ending up class... when one of my old paramedic students came rushing into the room saying, 'Tim, we need you down here in the gym!'" Click below to listen to the rest of this story from Tim Sheehan.
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The Most Humbling Experience

April 1, 2008
"If we really want to exhibit true professionalism...we have to be humble...and say the right thing at the right time, but more importantly sometimes, not say the wrong thing at the wrong time." Click below to listen to the rest of this story from Keith Wesley.
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New TA Role in Class Section FeatureBy Rachael Rosen

March 25, 2008

Instructors can link students and educators using FISDAP's "Class section" feature. Now Teacher's Assistants (TA's) can also be associated with a class section. Any student can be upgraded to TA status. TA's are permitted to confirm online evaluations for students in their class section(s). Instructors, go to the "Admin" section of FISDAP and click the "Class Section" button in the left menu to create a class section.

Semi Truck Accident

February 25, 2008
"One of the cases that I had quite a few years back involved a semi truck that went over a bridge.. onto some railroad tracks lying below. It was one of those cases that just sticks with you forever." Click below to hear the rest of the story from Will Krost.
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Infant Arrest and CISD

February 25, 2008
"At that point in time the social worker attached myself to the family members, so I was the person that was explaining to Mom and Grandma what was going on." Click below to hear the full story from Christine Clemens.
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RSI Without Sedative

February 25, 2008
"They opted to use the rapid sequence intubation protocol to knock him down and intubate him. However after they had knocked him down with a paralytic, they neglected to give him a sedative..." Click below to hear the rest from Will Krost.
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The Power of Barney

February 19, 2008
"[When we arrived on the scene of] a car versus tree... we found a first responder holding c-spine on the driver and singing the Barney I Love You song..." Click below to listen to the rest of this story from Tim Duncan!
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New: FISDAP RewardsBy Rachael Rosen

February 18, 2008

Programs that participate in the development of our tests and quizzes can earn discounts on FISDAP Testing accounts. To view your FISDAP Rewards status, go to your MyFISDAP page and click the thermometer image.

Note: We have a particular need for more test items. To contribute test items and earn Rewards points for your program, go to the FISDAP home page and click on the "Testing" link in the left menu. Click the "Contributors" tab. Complete the "Contributor Training Module," and then begin submitting test items online!

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